An Update To A Popular Photography Tool Is Complete

PALO ALTO, CA - August 19, 2019 – Makers4Good today announced that its most popular iOS app, Luxi, has just been updated with version 2.0.10.

 The Luxi app supports the smartphone device, Luxi For All, and helps convert an iPhone into a photography light meter. The updated app features improved calibration sliders, refined light reading, and faster processing.

 Joe Cain, President of Makers4Good, states, “People love Luxi. It’s the simplest way to convert your smartphone to a light meter. The update took a great product and made it even better for our users.”

With the new graphics, users can better calibrate their individual phones as they desire and save their settings to get reliable, consistent light readings to create the best photos possible.

 According to Mr. Cain, Luxi For All is a top seller on their website,, as well as on “Not only does the device, Luxi For All, work with our Luxi app, it works with other apps as well. It’s a simple tool that converts iPhones to light meters, I guess that’s why photographers choose it over a separate handheld device. They already have a phone in their pocket.”

The improved Luxi app is available on the Apple App Store and has been a top download since it first appeared in 2014. In addition to the Luxi app, the Luxi For All device works with other popular light or color reading applications.


Video Unboxing & Walkthrough