Compatible Light Meter Apps

Below is a current list of software applications which are compatible with our Luxi light sensor. Some of these apps address the specialized needs of niche interests and professions, so we've also attempted here to provide some help in deciding which app(s) is/are right for you and your preferred usage.

Applications for iOS

  • Luxi is the official app developed by Makers4Good for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Its feature set is appropriate for the great majority of users, and is the recommended starting point. Users with advanced and/or domain-specific needs may want to look at one of the other applications listed below.

  • Pocket Light Meter is a third-party app which has many of the same features as our Luxi app, but also adds a few advanced features--such as footcandle readings--which might be useful to lighting designers, scientists, and the like.

  • Cine Meter II, also developed by a third party, is the app you're looking for if you're a videographer or DP. It is designed specifically for cinematography, and has many very useful features for that usage: shutter-prioritization, neutral density settings, a waveform monitor...and now, color metering! ( note: color metering feature requires iOS 8.0 or greater)